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6 Recruitment tips every entrepreneur should know


The life of an entrepreneur is a very involving.  The main reason is because you have to oversee a business’s daily activities meaning you do not have free time of their own.  Doing this kind of a job can be a bit overwhelming thus the more need to take things under your control as early as the commencement of the business. In order to succeed in this sector, one has to find ways of solving problems that come along and also minimizing risks of a business.

Whether the business is young or developed, we may be required to employ person(s) to keep the business running. Human power is the most important assets in any organization. This is because when the resources and capital are depreciating, individuals appreciate in terms of experience daily. However, getting the right people for your job can be quite hectic, especially for the starters. People dress in wolf’s clothing every day and it may be hard to distinguish people fit for the job or not. How you treat employees determines the output of a business. Whether you are operating on your business or looking for a business for sale, here are a few tips every entrepreneur should know in regard to employment.

1. Invest in your employees.

As previously stated, these are the most valuable assets to an entrepreneur. Make a step of investing in them to make them feel that they are part and parcel of your success. Once they feel valuable to you, they will in one way or another invest in your business in terms of time or dedication. Every growth of your business should ensure an additional growth of your employees’ lives in terms of careers or salary wise. Never let their efforts go unrewarded.

2. Make it a habit to show your employees that you care

As the saying goes, signs are stronger than words. This is the same case in business. You may continually show your employees that you value their hard work and presence in your job but realize that these words bear no fruits. As human beings, we love appreciation in terms of small favour like tokens etc. take an example of a parent rewarding their children after exemplary performance in school. At the back of the mind, the child is expecting a reward not just a word of mouth. The same case applies to employees. You can give a reward in terms of a promotion, a small taken or just a small increment in their salaries. This encourages hard work even to the other employees in the hope of being recognized.

3. Provide a good working environment

People may decide to stay in one job for the sake of money. However, the moment they get a better employer, they may decide to leave yours simply because they did not get the peace of mind to exploit their potential. As an entrepreneur, always ensure that your verbal and non-verbal communication towards your employees gives them comfort. Don’t be the kind that sends shivers down their brains once you show up in a business simply because you always throw words or yells at them. Practice courtesy.

4. Search social media before hiring

Once you have your candidates, always use social media such as LinkedIn to ‘stalk’ them. Stalking helps to check on people’s inappropriate posts, negative comments or their offensive language. You may already know the kind of person you are hiring way before they kick off.

5. Consider employing older people for a start

This might appear discriminative to the younger generation but it is very true. Hiring older people as a starter gives one a chance to learn from their experiences. The older people also mentor the younger generation.

6. Conduct diligent interviews

Whether the interview happens over the internet or in person, always ensure that it is the best you can. Be ready to address any red flags that may raise your eyebrows. Be the employer that asks the right questions to see how good they respond. Once you have doubts on an individual, it should be enough red lights to stop you from hiring them.


Hiring an employee is very critical. By taking in a new employee, it determines either your downfall or rise of the business. Always ensure that you get the right person with the right skill test. It is up to you to keep them in the business depending on how you treat them.

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