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Remote working can boost your life and bank balance


Think of all the opportunities at our fingertips in the modern day.  We owe all this to the advances made on digital platforms and the internet. From instant messaging, cloud-based collaboration on work and many more items, there is a lot that we can do. Technology will always change the way that we work. Because of the power of cloud computing and technology in general, communication has been improved – which also means that one big opportunity is usually available, one that might not exist without the tech and capabilities we have today. From this point forward, you’ll have more opportunities than ever to work outside of a typical office and remote working is reality that many can enjoy, and prosper from.

Remote working is something with its own unique challenges though. It isn’t clean cut, and you need to do a lot to succeed with remote working. In fact, in some instances remote working isn’t all that it is cut out to be. Those who don’t get along with working away from a team might miss the office – while ironically those in an office might be dreaming of getting out there and working remotely! It can very much be a ‘grass is greener’ type of situation when it comes to remote working.

So, how do you actually start out with working remotely? Well – as stated, the technology and digital capabilities exist nowadays for remote working to be a possibility. That means that your place of work and the company that you work for could possibly be able to offer remote working capabilities if you enquire. Sometimes they may request a reason to allow you to work from home, but that is an area you should already have covered. Sometimes, remote working might be part of a company policy or scheme, so do some digging or phone up HR to see if the capabilities are there for you to be allowed to work remotely. Some roles will be allowed, while — quite naturally — other roles are needed in the office. That being said, the opportunities to work remotely are far more frequent than in previous decades.

If you aren’t allowed to work from home, or you aren’t currently in work, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to work from home. Combining a number of smaller opportunities can result in a pretty decent pay packet. Check out the Ultimate Guide To Work From Home Jobs to find a number of these opportunities that you can use to work part-time and earn some money.

Add some freelancing

There are plenty of freelance opportunities available to do almost anything, so if you’ve got skills in a certain area (especially creative skills, but business skills can work as well) you should search in that niche before broadening out. Freelance admin, creative and accounting work can be found quite easily. Looking to your skills and interests can also help you find opportunities. For example, if you are skilled in writing, you could find all sorts of part-time opportunities. From writing for newspapers, submitting articles for blogs, running your own blog, writing for certain websites, finding copywriting opportunities around the internet. Combine this skill with your interests to find better opportunities to be creative. Some opportunities will not be paid, so if you are looking for cash, it might be better to avoid these. However, if there is something in it for you — like experience — it might be worth it. It all depends on what you want from the opportunity, but they are out there.

Contact start-ups

It isn’t just part-time opportunities that exist, there are plenty of remote-working jobs that you can find on job boards that are the same as a full-time role, but you won’t be based in the office. Plenty of start-ups rely on this and these roles are usually freelance. You likely won’t find something more secure than this if you’re looking for remote-work instantly. These roles can be everything from creative to administration work – much like the part-time roles listed above, but with more regular work. If you have a number of roles or part-time tasks, you need to be dedicated and organized to ensure that you are on top of your tasks even though you’re not in the office.

Find your sweet spot

Once you’ve got your job, or are working remotely, you’ll need to find an area to work in. Plenty of people simply plonk themselves on the couch with a laptop, others head to a coffee shop and set up. There are some who hire workspace and rent desks, while there are others who hop around and find the first table to work on – be it a table in a pub, or an outside table in a cafe. There are some more remote workers who do all of this over the course of their career! Everyone finds productivity in different environments – whether it is a noise free library or from the buzz of a coffee shop. Everyone is different like that. In general, what you’ll need from your place of work is a work surface, comfort, lighting and peace. Everyone can be productive at a desk that is comfy and well lit. This could be in a home office, or at the library, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have somewhere that you can work that is free from distractions, you’ll have all the tools and time needed to be productive away from the office.

Ditch distractions

Your working environment matters and the main reason is because of distractions. Everywhere you choose will have distractions, but some locations have more distractions than others. From the squeaky seat at the library, to the annoying faux-folk music at the coffee shop to kids and chores at home, there are plenty of distractions that you need to avoid. Some of these can’t be avoided, but if there are distractions that are seriously disrupting your productivity, you need to change your working environment up. That might be simply changing things in the place where you are working, or simply changing the place where you are working. One way to beat distractions caused by yourself is to set dedicated working hours to avoid procrastination. Sticking to a routine is key, no matter your working environment or role.

Take breaks

Routine is important, but you also need breaks. Remote working leaves it all up to ourselves and we can push ourselves far too hard sometimes. Breaks are just as important as our work. A lot depends on our productivity when we are working from home and it can be far too easy to blast ahead and work away from nine to five without regarding what it could be doing to our bodies. Stress isn’t a joke and a lot of the time we can force it onto ourselves. Your work routine is key, but so is your rest routine. Schedule breaks throughout the day and enforce them to ensure you do not get overloaded by your workload. If things are getting too much, you might need to limit the amount of work you are doing and if your health is suffering, see a doctor. Working remotely can mean we push ourselves far too hard and you won’t succeed if you are breaking down.


Finally, you won’t get anywhere without good equipment. A laptop, smartphone, tablet and high-speed internet connection will get you far. Load up communication apps, Google Drive for storage and any working software you need and you will be set to go! With the right attitude and the right environment, you’ll succeed at working remotely.

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