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Scam or safe? What you need to know about online security


Even though the internet is a way of connecting us to almost anything, many people don’t trust the internet because they have a fear of being scammed online. They’ve heard all of the horror stories about bank accounts being cleared and cyber bullies that have pushed some people to suicide. They don’t want to accidentally download a virus that will ‘break’ their computer.

So how can we tell if we are being scammed or not? In this article, I’m going to give you advice so that you will be able to tell if a site or business is not legitimate, and what you should be looking out for.

First and foremost, when visiting any website, you should look for a padlock within your URL bar. If this padlock is green and ‘locked’ it means that the website is safe to visit. If it’s anything else, don’t enter any credit card information or enter any passwords. If it’s a site that you regularly use and it’s showing as an unsafe website, they may be doing maintenance which has affected the security of the page. Check back at a later date to see if they have fixed this problem.

Another reliable way of finding out if something is legitimate is by checking the company name online. Customers often leave reviews for companies to praise them or to warn other potential customers not to use them. Take a look at Brilliant Earth’s LinkedIn account. If they weren’t a real company or they were out to scam people, then they wouldn’t have many followers (if any), and the profile would likely be incomplete.

You could also turn to other social media platforms to find out if a company or website is okay to trust. Social media can be amazing for businesses promotion, but if you’re not a good company to deal with, then social media can bring your business down too. Don’t accept random friend requests as they could be trying to trick you.

Sometimes, you may receive an unusual email that you would like to be true (you know the ones, saying you’ve won $10,000) but you are dubious of. 100% of the time it will be a scam, so don’t open the link or send any details. If you did actually win that cash, the company wouldn’t email you to tell you. Here you can check if you’re being scammed.

Another way of checking a website or an email is to pay attention to the language and grammar used. Often, scammers won’t take the time to learn your language correctly, and there will be very obvious mistakes within the web page or email.

Keep your eyes open when browsing your social media because people will often share if there is a scam going about. They’re warning their friends not to fall for the scam and also urging people that have experienced it to come forward and share their story. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to trick somebody on the internet.

Over all the best advice to give is that if you feel like something isn’t right, then don’t enter any details. It’s the best way to keep yourself protected.

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