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How to simplify online shopping for sales success


You can buy anything under the sun online. Food, clothing, furniture, prescriptions, you name it, there is a website to be found that can supply you with your every need. That being said, online shopping tends to be a young person’s game. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the past few years, it seems as though the millennials possess the savvy over the most generations, especially baby boomers, when it comes to navigating the World Wide Web. AvaCare Medical is aware of the challenges senior citizens may face when it comes to buying the supplies they need, especially online. Here is a lesson from AvaCare on how to use the KISS Method (Keep it Simple, Stupid).

How to go about designing a simple online shopping experience

It is clear that AvaCare did their research when building their online store. According to Lemonstand’s blog, “by making sure that your site feels familiar, visitors don’t have to spend mental effort scrutinizing and can instead focus on the product they want or need.” Here are several successfully used design elements that visitors expect to see and know how to use:

  • Tabs across the top
  • Navbar across the top
  • Placement of search features, which include upper right, upper left, middle, and elsewhere on the page

Having them feel in control of their shopping experience is key. A few features that are suggested, AvaCare Medical follows, are as follows:

  • Support the browsing behavior of both new and experienced users
  • Inform customers about the procedures required to complete the transaction
  • Confirming their transactions
  • Providing clear feedback after user interactions
  • Display constructive error messages

Let them give it a virtual test drive

Aside from making the products easy to find and select a breeze for their customer, with helpful buying guides, they have also come up with a solution to make online purchases worry and hassle free. Choosing medical supplies and equipment, such as wheelchairs, bed rails, commodes and more without seeing them up close and personal to try them out can be hard and make for a stressful experience; you don’t know for sure that what you see is what you’ll get. Unlike smaller, less expensive items like clothing, most people often can’t afford to take the chance on buying blindly especially when it comes to making the right purchase to promote your health. And it is time consuming to wait for something to come in the mail just to find out it isn’t right for you and then having to return it and try again.

The word care is right in the name, so it is no surprise that AvaCare Medical came up with a solution. They’ve created a varied selection of detailed buying guides to help with choosing the right products available to you that will suit your needs. As for the intimidating nature of not knowing if what you’re buying is what you need, they’ve “created an online experience that mimics shopping in a brick and mortar store by providing detailed pictures, specifications, descriptions and often, videos of the products you are considering.” AvaCare Medical has proven to be a reliable medical supply store, with their effortless online shopping process, continually catering to the nation.

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