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Are ‘status updates’ losing people their jobs?


Social media is a great thing, but it does have a downside. Interacting with others on any of the popular platforms is based around sharing news, information, photos, advice and opinions –but beware! Nothing posted online is ever 100% private – regardless of your settings. Something plenty of ordinary people have found out when the content of their status updates has lost them their job!

Employment and social media

When social media platforms like Facebook first emerged into wider society few workplaces had any real framework in place governing or advising staff on how they should use sites like that. These days, however, things have changed quite dramatically, and just one comment or picture can bring a shed load of trouble, of the social, financial and even legal kind.

Facebook status scandals

Although other social media platforms like Twitter provide users with a space to share anything from a joke to a plea for help, it is Facebook that introduced us to the idea of the status update. People love to let others peek into their lives, sharing both serious things like announcing a wedding, or routine stuff like a picture of lunch. Updating your status is the fastest and most effective way of making sure others see what you are doing or thinking – but some people are just once click away from being fired as a result.

Reasons people lose their job because of a status update

  1. Posting about something illegal or against company policy.

Boasting that you did something clearly against the law or raising a finger to the rules of your workplace isn’t ever going to win brownie points. Keep what happened at the office x’mas party between the parties involved, to save your reputation, if not your career intact.

  1. Posting things which are considered to be in bad taste.

Sharing personal opinions which are perceived as insensitive, racist or anything else under the umbrella of ‘do people really think that way? risk a firing, especially if you work with the public. Plenty of celebrities have come unstuck after falling foul of this kind of crass misjudgement.

  1. Posting things which are seen as unprofessional

Bad Mouthing your boss or colleagues, calling in sick then posting status updates about shopping, or poking fun at the product your company sells are all sure fire ways to get your P45. In some professions this policing of status updates can extend way beyond the workplace and workday itself. An American high school teacher was ‘invited to quit’ her job after posting status updates referring to her drinking alcohol while on holiday abroad!

The basic rule should always be – if you wouldn’t say that to your boss, colleague or the general public in your everyday life think twice, or more, about sharing it online, regardless. Lots of people have a number of online contacts they don’t know very well, or who may have their own agenda, so don’t be fooled into thinking you can say whatever you like with no consequences.

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