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The tips and tricks you need to rank #1


If you’re an ambitious business woman, you might have goals and aspirations that put you at the top of the leader board. You might want to rank #1 in the search engines for your top keyword. Maybe you want to be the #1 woman in your town for business turnover? Or may you simply want your business to be the #1 choice for customers looking for products or services in your sector? It’s not wrong to have strong objectives like this. But do you actually have the plan and the ability to get what you want?

Clear plan, journey, and course of action

To get somewhere else takes a series of steps. After all, if you want to get into the city, you have to get dressed and put on your shoes. Next, you need to put fuel in the car and pay the bill. Then you need to drive in the right direction along a road that takes you to your destination. There will be obstacles and traffic along the way, and rules you need to follow. The difference is, you’ve completed that journey lots of times, so you don’t even need to think about it. But your journey to the top spot is new to you so you need a map and a plan.

Planning usually involves brainstorming and writing ideas down. Have a look at websites like to see how to do this. You need to plot them in a logical order, so each step leads to the next. This is your journey. You’re detailing the course of action or actions you need to take. Why go to all this trouble? So you can see what you need to do next to stay on track. After all, you’re busy running a business right now – that’s a pretty good distraction from your goals!

Getting help

If your car breaks down, you call a mechanic to fix it. This is true for your business too. Even when you know you’ve done the right things in the right order, you might not be getting that result you’re after. Don’t be afraid to call in a third party company to help push you to the top. Ask for fresh ideas like animated infovideos. Pick out the ones that steer you toward your goals.

Take a look at your SEO. You know your keyword should be working, and the results so far are pretty impressive. But something is stopping your business ranking #1. This is where websites like might prove helpful. Find the right team to tackle your business challenges, and you’ll be able to achieve the top spot you want or boost your online sales.

As an entrepreneur, you are masterful at building businesses. Pick the top people in their business area to solve the problems holding you back right now.

Being the go-to girl

If you want to be the name people think of when they want the #1, then you need to shout, wave, and jump up and down a bit. Visibility or share-of-voice is easier to acquire than you think. But you do need to make yourself heard in the first place. Build relationships with writers and journalists. Which stories can you help support with an insightful quote?

Become an influencer by writing in forums, on a blog, or even a helpful eBook about your business strengths. Can you get to #1?

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