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Why women can rely on great tech to boost productivity


Technology and data is good for business. I know: it’s not exactly news, is it? Everything from marketing to recruitment and product development to customer interaction can be enhanced tremendously by taking advantage of the wonders of modern technology.

It should come as no surprise that technology can also help you boost employee productivity. But how exactly has technology been achieving this? By understanding precisely how these benefits have been achieved, you will be in a better position to realize how your business can be boosted with the right tech. These are the areas that you should be putting more focus on!

Better technology = more efficiency

Seem obvious enough, right? Computers have made pretty much everything in the business world much faster, allowing more to be done in the same amount of time when compared to the days of old. Consider how much faster it is to write an article using a computer and a keyboard than with pen and paper! Of course, not all technology is alike when it comes to efficiency. Computers in an office are no longer impressive in themselves – they need to be good computers. If the tech you’re using is slow and out-of-date, then you’re simply holding your employees back.

Work mobility

Despite popular opinion suggesting otherwise, there’s a lot of data that suggests people who work from home are more productive than those who work with others in an office. This probably has a lot to do with the decrease in distractions. Many people think that working from home presents more distractions, but at home you don’t have to deal with colleagues and meetings – the biggest time-sinks in the modern office! Thanks to the cloud and software that takes advantage of it, it’s easier than ever for employees to work wherever they’re needed. This increase in availability and flexibility has increased productivity levels across the world.

Data tracking 

How exactly do you know if your employees are as productive as you need them to be? Is productivity something that can be quantified? Well, to an extent. Technically, you could have someone looking over every employee’s shoulder and recording what they’re doing with their time, but that would double your workforce, and make the first set of employees pretty miserable. Online timesheet software is probably a better alternative. You can get this sort of software new from Avaza. This can help you see if there are any dips in productivity that need to be worked on.

Stronger collaboration

Technology has made it much easier for people to communicate. This can help greatly when it comes to big discussions that need to be recorded in some form. But there is hardware and software that helps with actual work collaboration in the form of document sharing and editing, and it’s always evolving. In fact, as long as you have an Internet connect and a free Google account, you can use Google Drive free of charge. This makes it perfect for startups that don’t want to spend too much on software that can help them collaborate on small- to medium-scale projects.

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