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4 top bad hair day fixes for professional hairstyles


Hair is one of the first things people notice about you. And when it comes to the corporate world, professional hairstyles are one of the most visible aspects of your appearance and as such it provides a wealth of information from which to from a first impression.

From an evolutionary perspective, our brains are wired to decode information and judgments based on the amount, luster and texture of our hair. Our hair is personal, an extension growing outside our bodies that gives insight in a most public way to our health, age, status and femininity. Hair matters, especially in when it comes to women.

A hair insecurity or bad hair day has the potential to impact more than just your professional hairstyles as these feelings spill over into your day and can impact your productivity at work, your social networking ability and most importantly your confidence. Your professional wardrobe may be polished and flawless, but if you are having a bad hair day, this undermines and spoils any effort you have put into selecting the right clothing and accessories.

The good news is, your hair is the one aspect of your appearance that in most cases is within your control. While you can’t change your height, your features or the hands of time, you can with relative ease enhance your hair for professional hairstyles.

4 bad hair day fixes for professional hairstyles

While the hair and beauty industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, you can quite effortlessly transform a bad hair day into a professional hairstyle without breaking the bank with these simple tips:

1. Dry shampoo and hair texture spray

The most efficient way to take your day (or two) old hair and transform it to an oil free voluminous mane that can travel from the office to an after-work corporate event. Keep some dry shampoo and hair texture spray in your office drawer for emergencies! Doing this can transform a hair disaster into a superbly groomed look that will shine at any corporate occasion.

2. The ponytail rescue

There are a myriad of options to amp up a simple ponytail into a sleek and sophisticated hairdo both for the office and for corporate events. From wrapping your own hair around the elastic to adding a delicate accessory such as a jeweled hairband or hair broach.

For a more dramatic do, try a sleek high pony with bangs swept back in a poof. There’s nothing quite like the instant (non-surgical) facelift that a high placed ponytail provides, plus the hair pulled back from your face communictes a polished professional attitude.

3. Extensions and clip-ins

There are some days when you just need that bit extra to impress in the office or boardroom. Ask any woman who wears extensions and they will tell you they rarely have a bad hair day at the office! Available in every form,color and style, extensions instantly add volume, length and body to limp thin or lifeless hair.

If a full head of extensions are not within your budget, opt instead for clip in strands that you can strategically place to add volume or flowing curls to enhance your own locks. Clip-ins also come in the form of ponytails and beautiful chignon buns. Simply tie back your hair and effortlessly clip the piece into place!

4. Hair filler fibers

You never want to look tired at work or at corporate events. Unfortunately, thinning hair has the effect of making you look tired even when you are not! But you can solve the problem. Instantly fill in balding patches or thinning hair.

Simply shake on the powder like fibers, which bond to the existing hair to add fullness and coverage to thinning areas. Finish off with a spray which keeps the fibers in place and voila, an instant boost in coverage and confidence for any corporate requirement!


So as you can see, there is no reason to stress if you have hair problems that are limiting your ability to present a truly polished corporate appearance. With our 4 clever tips, you can turn any bad hair day into a great hair day to take on the corporate world.

And with your new-found hair confidence in professional hairstyles, maybe you could finally go ahead and ask for the project you want to oversee management of — or even that raise or promotion you know you truly deserve but have not felt you could ask the boss for. Nothing can stop you now!

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