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A BossLady guide to marketing a women-led business


Starting a business is difficult for anyone, but there are even more barriers to scale as a BossLady entrepreneur. To stand your ground and fight the forces of skeptics, you’ll need to carry yourself with confidence, reflect on your work ethic, and be marketing a women-led business.

With career women breaking social barriers and shattering industry-specific glass ceilings every day, budding entrepreneurs can’t help watch from the sidelines in awe, hopeful of following their footsteps. As archaic constructs gradually collapse, BossLady women from all walks of life have started businesses at an impressively high-speed rate. In fact, the number of women-led enterprises now surpasses the number of other startup companies as a collective.

Marketing your BossLady business is imperative to differentiate yourself and give your target customer an inside look into your purest brand identity. After all, there are currently 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States. That said, making marketing a priority will help prepare your business for success and set you apart from your competition trailing behind.

It’s no question that BossLady businesses have radically transformed the workforce. How? For starters, employees often report exceptionally positive experiences under female leadership and generally believe these women-identifying CEOs move the company in the right direction, making these professionals excited for the workday ahead.

Slowly but surely, the 21st-century BossLady women will redefine company norms and stand as the face of the future of business. Showcase your boss-lady energy within with a cutting-edge marketing campaign.

Keys to effectively marketing a BossLady business

Harness the power of branded merchandise

Creating branded items for your business will take your company to the next level and help you put your most professional foot forward. At its core, branded merchandise increases brand awareness, allowing your brand to become a household name. From business cards and other paper goods to wholesale apparel for custom printing, there are endless types of branded merchandise you can create, so think outside of the box.

Tell your business story

The story of why you started your business should be at the heart of everything that you do. Keeping that messaging consistent through and through will give your brand solid ground to stand upon and values to refer back to when your team makes pivotal decisions.

Remember, telling your business’ story to every potential customer willing to lend a listening ear is a must. Marketing yourself with a strategy in mind will help your brand resonate with your target customer, who will eventually trust your products/services.

Connect with others and your community

Opening a business is hard work, meaning you’ll need the help of fellow BossLady entrepreneurs looking to propel your business forward. Taking time to connect with friends, family, neighbors, and other community members will encourage people to pass on information about your brand to everyone they know.

This ripple effect of word-of-mouth will garner the attention of more potential customers willing to identify with your brand mission. To give thanks to your fellow career women, you must give back to your local community. Hosting events and donating time/money is a way to show that you care.

Social media and other content

Social media is an integral tool that allows BossLady entrepreneurs to market their businesses quickly and cost-effectively. Posting high quality and informative posts frequently will give your customers more opportunities to learn to love your brand.

In those moments where a half-hearted Facebook post won’t cut it, a promotional video goes a long way in catching potential customers’ attention. As visual creatures, highlighting the products/services you provide, your mission, and people who work for your company using a visual medium will serve your best interest as a women-led business. For starters, this tactic will grant your target audience the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and feel like they have a front-row seat into how you run your business.

Contests and giveaways

Let’s face it. Potential customers love to receive clothing, stickers, water bottles, and more for free. They always have and always will. If your company gives items away at events or when someone purchases an item or service from you, it will go a long way to ensure customers remember your brand and choose to shop at your store in the future.

With customers’ love for free merch in mind, providing branded stickers with your orders or giveaways will keep your audience engaged and excited about your company and the work that you do.


Starting your own BossLady business is challenging but incredibly rewarding at the same time. To thrive in your new entrepreneurship endeavor, you’ll need to absorb all the advice you can like a sponge.  Being a woman in business is a unique journey that will change your life forever. Be bold, share your ideas, always continue to grow, make sure you are effectively marketing a women-led business — and never forget to stay true to who you are and why you wanted to start a business in the first place.


About Peta McGrath

Peta McGrath is an accomplished marketing and career advisor, specialising in helping women develop their best possible strategies for career and business advancement.

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