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Business achievement: Unlocked. Now what?


So, you’ve written the business plan for your business, you’ve got the finance and you’ve launched the website. Congratulations – you are now a business owner. You’re on the path to new and exciting adventures that will be brilliant but difficult at times. You’ve got yourself connected with the local businesses in the area. You’re up and running across all the social media platforms available and you’ve started to gather followers. You’re writing regular blog posts on your business blog and you’re setting up meetings to drive your new service forward. Everyone is realising you’ve got something to offer and they’re calling out to you for your help. You are officially in business and ready for success. Now what?

Most people who want to start a business get told that half the battle is getting it off the ground. The other half? Well, this is the bit that’s down to you. Now that you’re up and running, the real hard work starts now. But what is that hard work? What does it in entail specifically? How can you guarantee that your marketing is effective? How do you expand into a new area and add staff? There are so many questions that are left unanswered for most business owners. Never fear though – we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find some of the building blocks required for continued business growth and ways you can boost your brand image. After all, the whole point of business is to succeed, and growing and being visual is what it’s all about!

Did you know that there are only certain times that you can the opportunity to grow your business? We don’t mean you should wait for Easter, but there are certain business trends you should look out for before you jump. One of the biggest business issues that are had is the lack of growth management. Ensuring that your growth management is a process that goes really well is key and with the tips below you can make it happen:

  1. You have to ensure that you have a long-term need for your product and you can handle growth.
  2. You need knowledgeable staff that can grow your product effectively. Customers will want to ask questions and if you don’t have the answers, your staff should.
  3. You need to be aware of the demand for your product at all times. There will always be peaks and troughs with product development and the urgency for certain services. If you are ensuring that you are adapting to what the market needs, you can grow.

Preparing for failure is a good idea, but what about preparing for success? Your company has already passed the first hurdle with getting off the ground. It’s staying in the sky that you need to focus on. Don’t just prepare for the things that can go wrong with business – prepare for the successes and how to maintain the level of success you desire. Business growth depends on many factors but sheer desire is the main one that drives the way your business succeeds. If you and your team aren’t pushing for the best and making your name one that is household, you cannot expect the right growth. Prepare your team for the amount of work that comes with being a success. If you think you have had your work cut out for you to get to the top, you have more to come once you are at the top of your game. Staying at the top is just as difficult as the climb to get there. Do you remember the Pokemon Go craze and how that fizzled out very shortly after launching? You don’t want to be the same.

We mentioned earlier about getting onto all the social media platforms that are available for your business. Ideally, you won’t have forgotten to get onto local web directories that can make you more visible for people looking for the type of service or product you offer. Brand visibility is crucial for success. If no one can find you, then how can they utilise your services? You want to be as bold as you can and while you’re riding the buzz of an already successful launch, it’s good to remember that the internet world is fickle. You cannot allow your business to slip away from the spotlight for a moment so your marketing team should be on the ball with exposure. Blog posts should be witty and engaging. Your website content should be clear, concise and fresh at all times. So, how do you stay on top of the success you have created for yourself?

  1. Get a brilliant sales team together who can keep plugging your name through every social media site, every online avenue and every networking event. They need to talk you up! The right hire can really shift the ambition of your business and push you to the max.
  2. Stay as upbeat as possible. Every business has those days where you wish you hadn’t bothered. Never forget that the success of your business is down to a simple idea you created and pushed ahead with. Putting in the work after the initial peak is just part of the business rollercoaster. Embrace it and enjoy the ride.
  3. Constantly network with new businesses and new faces. You don’t have to be still for a moment. Your brand name needs to circulate in the minds of those you want to impress and if you are pushing for it, you can get there. Forging new connections gives you plenty of opportunity to generate new sales and bring more clients on board, and that’s what you want for your growth.

Understanding what comes next for your business isn’t easy. It’s important to remember that you have made the company what it is, and the people you hire will continue to propel your product or service and grow it. Eventually, you can make the decision to diversify and change into something more evolved. Attend conferences and trade shows armed with business cards with your website on them. People go online so that they can take their time looking into products and do their own research. It’s up to you to ensure that you give clients and customers ample opportunity to learn about you.

While you’re online, stay as polished and professional as you can, while at the same time injecting personality and fun into who you are as a business. Create a pitch that is tailored to your company and the message you want to get across. It doesn’t have to be a huge speech, but when people ask about you and your company you need to be able to tell them what it is you do and how you do it. Success isn’t measured by the sales you make, necessarily, but by the way people remember you. We all know the slogans of our favourite brands, and that’s because we pay attention to the message put out there. We hear the constant advertisement and we see the logo on a regular basis. If you follow the same idea of putting yourself out there over and over you can make the same impact on the people who want to buy from you.

Your company can be as successful as you want it to be, you just need to have the drive and the work ethic to push it to the top. Always plan for the long haul and don’t see the successful bit as creating the business itself. The success comes with the long-term recognition you can get from your company.

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