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Online MBA degree: will it develop business leadership skills?


If you’re an aspiring business leader, an online MBA degree program may be the golden ticket that gets you on the train to success. While many successful entrepreneurs still claim that you don’t need an MBA in order to succeed in business, having one certainly can’t hurt.

It’s easy for someone who has already been successful without an MBA to disparage the usefulness of the degree, but for entrepreneurs in general, skipping the MBA is an exception, not the rule.

And MBAs are increasingly popular among women. More than 36 percent of full-time and 39 percent of part-timeonline MBA degree students are female. Earning an MBA can give you a chance to flesh out your business model in an environment where failure isn’t catastrophic, like it is in the real business world.

It can also help you get accustomed to working in male-dominated environments, put you on a more equal footing with future investors and business partners, and help you overcome the confidence gap that keeps many women from enjoying the same success as their male counterparts.

But as we all know — only too well — women are incredibly busy, and finding time to study an MBA on campus can be difficult. The solution is anonline MBA degree that you can fit around your schedule and other work/life demands.

Top 10 Reasons to do an Online MBA degree

Graduating with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a massive achievement. Completing an MBA degree requires significant personal investment, both in terms of time and money. Getting an MBA is not easy, but it can be an excellent investment for anyone wanting to advance in their career and remain competitive in the business world.

Professionals with an MBA typically enjoy higher salaries and better job prospects when compared to those without the qualifications.

Attending a traditional campus-based MBA program may not be possible if you are already employed or have other commitments on your time. Fortunately, you can complete a degree such as this online andenjoy all of the flexibility and convenience that comes with distance learning.

There is a huge variety ofonline MBA degree programs available, and you can find a course that suits your lifestyle and learning preferences. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of getting an MBA and why you should consider enrolling online.  

1. Expand your business skills

An MBA is designed to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge on key business principles. You will learn a variety of transferable skills while studying for an MBA. According to MBA Crystal Ball, some of the key skills that an online MBA degree will give you are strong communication, strategic problem solving, effective leadership, and critical thinking.

Unlike other advanced degrees, the skills acquired through an MBA can be applied to a wide variety of roles across different industries. The business world is highly competitive, and developing your skills will help you feel more confident in your job role. You will get a great sense of personal achievement and accomplishment from earning an MBA, especially if you have balanced learning with other work and family commitments.

2. Unlock high-level positions

One of the biggest benefits of earning an online MBA is that you will improve your future career prospects and unlock high-level positions in your industry. MBA graduates are in high demand, and most employers will give preference to candidates who hold an MBA qualification.

Earning an online degree will expand the number of job opportunities that you are eligible for. The course will help you develop strong leadership skills and prepare you for senior roles. Having an MBA degree will also improve your resume and help you stand out in a competitive job market. Here are some of the best jobs for MBA graduates:

Finance Manager – Good financial management is fundamental to the success of every business. Many MBA students choose to specialize in topics like accounting and economics to prepare for finance roles. Finance managers are responsible for all aspects of a company’s finances, including cash flow, investment, and account management. Their main role is to ensure that a company maintains good final health.  
Marketing Manager – Marketing managers create strategic plans to advertise and promote a company’s brand and products. Effective marketing plays a vital role in sales and profits, which is why skilled marketing managers are highly sought-after across all industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), marketing managers earn an average of $141,490 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
Business Operations Manager – A business operations manager works with various departments in a company to ensure that processes are operating efficiently. They are needed in a wide range of industries and play a key role in ensuring that business objectives and goals are met. Business operation managers must be extremely organized and great at multi-tasking.

3. Boost your earning potential

As mentioned, earning an online MBA degree is a big accomplishment, and employers place a high value on MBA graduates. For that reason, MBA graduates usually earn higher salaries when compared to their peers without an advanced degree. A recent survey found that the salary projection for candidates with an MBA is $29,000 higher than the projection for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business.

MBA graduates can expect to receive a higher starting salary and only financial benefits like performance-based bonuses. Professionals with an MBA degree are also in a stronger position when applying for higher-level positions. With that in mind, earning an MBA can be a great way to maximize your salary and boost your short-term and long-term earning potential. You could cover the cost of your MBA education within a few years thanks to the salary-boosting benefits.

4. Increase your job satisfaction

Professionals with an MBA tend to report higher levels of job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. This can be largely attributed to the fact that MBA graduates usually advance in their careers quicker and receive higher compensation for their skills. Completing an online MBA degree will improve your knowledge and make you feel more confident in your abilities in the workplace.

You will also get a sense of accomplishment and achievement from completing an advanced degree. All of these factors mean that MBA graduates often feel more satisfied with their careers. Job satisfaction is extremely important as it has a direct impact on your health and happiness.

Studies have found that people who report low job satisfaction are more at risk of mental health issues like depression and sleep problems. Investing in your career and professional development can be a great way to increase your job satisfaction and happiness.

5. Earn your degree faster

Another great benefit of completing an MBA program online is you may be able to obtain the degree faster than you would if you enrolled in a traditional MBA course. Many online MBA programs can be completed with a year, depending on your availability and prior education/experience. Online degrees offer greater flexibility, and you can complete learning activities and achieve course milestones quicker.

Whereas traditional campus-based courses have a more rigid study structure and typically take two years to complete. An MBA will allow you to learn the same knowledge and skills in a shorter time frame. This means that you can advance in your career and start earning money quicker than students enrolled in a traditional MBA program.

6. Fit learning around your lifestyle

Compared to traditional campus-based courses, online MBA programs offer much-needed flexibility for students who are busy working or taking care of their families. Online MBA courses have no geographical limitations. This means you can choose from a wide variety of programs and pick a course that suits your needs and requirements. When you choose an online MBA, you will have the freedom to learn at a time that is convenient for you.

You can study early in the mornings, in the evenings, or at the weekends. Many online MBA programs allow you to customize your course load and choose how many classes and assessments you take each semester.

One of the biggest advantages of an online MBA is that you can complete coursework at the best time for you and fit learning around your lifestyle. This means that you will be required to make fewer sacrifices to earn an MBA qualification.

7. Save money on tuition costs

Higher education costs in the US have increased rapidly over the years. According to, “a two-year MBA degree can cost between $100,000 and $200,000 if you attend a top business college.” This is a huge sum of money that many students simply cannot afford. If you are concerned about the costs of an MBA degree, then choosing an online course can be an affordable alternative that offers great value for money.

Online MBA programs have fewer infrastructure costs and are typically more budget-friendly than campus-based courses. Annual tuition fees tend to be lower, and you will not need to relocate or pay for student accommodation. You will also save money as you won’t need to pay for travel and commuting, and many of your course resources will be available online.

Plus, an online MBA degree offers greater flexibility meaning you can work and earn money alongside studying. All in all, choosing an online MBA program could save you thousands of dollars and make an advanced degree much more affordable.

8. Choose an MBA specialization

MBAs have worldwide popularity, and there is a diverse range of programs to choose from. Many educational establishments have developed online MBA programs that specialize in different aspects of the business world. Choosing an MBA specialization will allow you to focus on an area of business that you feel passionate about and work towards your specific career goals. Here are some of the top-ranked MBA specializations to choose from:

General Management – This is one of the most popular MBA specializations. It teaches students core business skills across a wide range of principles and environments.
Finance – If you want to pursue a career in finance, e.g., finance or accounting manager, then you should choose a finance MBA specialization. This course will focus on key finance principles such as accounting, data analysis, and statistics.
International Business – This is a great option if you plan to relocate abroad or want to work for a large organization with international offices. Specializing in international business can also be a good choice for an entrepreneur who wants to expand a company overseas.
Entrepreneurship – This is the ideal MBA specialization if you have a business idea and hope to launch a startup in the future. You will learn the core skills and expertise needs to run a profitable business and become a successful entrepreneur.
Human Resources – This specialization is designed for individuals who want to pursue a management role in HR. The course will teach you the skills needs to retain a strong workforce and meet strategic business goals relating to employees and recruitment.

9. Expand your professional network

Completing an online MBA gives you access to a wide network of high-performing professionals. Networking is essential in the business world, and it will play a crucial role in your long-term career success. An online MBA allows you to connect with students from a broad range of locations and backgrounds.

You will be able to build a large and diverse network of your peers and develop meaningful relationships with business professionals all across the world. Your MBA network is extremely valuable, and you must work on building a strong network. You can develop your professional network while studying for an online MBA by making an effort to connect with your peers and instructors online.

Networking opportunities may be more limited on an online course, but you should still have opportunities to connect with people online and grow your professional network while studying. Be proactive when it comes to network

10. Start a profitable business

Completing an online MBA can be a great option for any entrepreneur hoping to launch a startup. Starting a business can be extremely lucrative, but it is a big undertaking that will require a significant personal and financial investment. Sadly, many startups fail, and you must plan your business well to make it a success.

An online MBA will teach you the skills and expertise that you need to become a successful entrepreneur and run a profitable business. Students hoping to launch a startup should consider choosing an online MBA with an entrepreneurship specialization.

This course will help you come up with viable business ideas, create a strong business plan, and learn how to make business processes and activities more efficient. Having an MBA degree will also boost the credentials and reputations of your business and help you attract employees, investors, and customers.


Getting an MBA is a big commitment, and you will need to work hard to pass the course. That said, earning an MBA can be an excellent way to expand your skillset and advance in your career. MBA graduates enjoy higher salaries and are in a stronger position when applying for higher-level positions. Online MBA programs offer greater flexibility and allow you to fit learning around your schedule and commitments.

Overall, completing an MBA can advance your skills, increase your earning potential, and help you transition into more senior roles.

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