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How collaborations can be a driving force for brand awareness


Great things happen when we work together. These words couldn’t be truer when it comes to my values in business – and it’s why YMag® possesses a heartbeat like no other magazine. Beat by beat, woman by woman, our promise is to continually strive to connect and inspire women. Through doing this, we lift each other up and work in collaboration, not competition – to ultimately create a more opportune future for the women of tomorrow.

Working in collaboration with artist and designer Lisa Pollock at this year’s Golden Globe Awards was the perfect partnership that fell flawlessly in line with both our business values and our greater missions. Collaborations, when executed well, have a powerful effect on brand awareness, helping to build communities, networks and social media followings – and this collaboration did just that.

We managed to secure a snug spot in the swag bags received by Hollywood’s A-list at the Golden Globe Awards. We deliberately chose the Golden Globes as our point of collaboration, joining forces to outlay the costs associated to gift a copy of the magazine and an inspiration filled planner, with the cover designed by Lisa. Our mission was to help inspire women live their life with purpose, build more awareness around both of our businesses and potentially snag the reach of a celeb posting or tweeting about the mag or planner. With the influence of celebrities preaching the same message at the awards – this collaboration was an incredibly strategic move for our businesses, to help bolster our audiences with meaningful, like-minded people who resonate with the messages we preach.

When we chose the Golden Globes for this collaboration, we didn’t realise just how serendipitous the events of the night would be for the relevance of our gift. It is particularly apt, given Oprah’s moving speech calling “all girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon,” that she also received our gift. Oprah’s message resonates with the very reason for YMag’s birth as well as why Lisa continues to create from her heart with her empowering affirmations and artworks.

Know their why

The most important part of any collaboration for me would be to know the other businesses why. If you don’t know why they do what they do and the difference their business makes, it’s impossible to collaborate with any true sense of purpose. Once you have established that you both have the same end game, you can discuss finer details – like the ideal customer you’re trying to attract, or how you’re going to pool resources and allocate time to make sure the collaboration is a success.

Don’t collaborate for just for the sake of collaborating

It’s important to be strategic about the way you approach a collaboration. A good collaboration should benefit both parties, they should be like-minded businesses with relevancy to one another’s audiences. Think Uber and Spotify and their “a soundtrack for your ride” collaboration – these are businesses that are strategically partnering from similar but different fields to augment each other’s products or services. A collaboration has to make sense – to both businesses, and to the consumers you’re hoping to target. 

When you can find a like-minded brand to collaborate with in business, the potential for heightened brand awareness is huge. Most small business owners remain the best kept secret in their industry and often this is because their resources are stretched to the max. Through collaboration, resources are pooled and impact is doubled as both brands are using the power of their networks to reach out to their own connections. Because our businesses are so aligned, so the impact of my readers crossing over to purchase Lisa’s products and vice versa has been enormous.

About Shar Moore

Shar Moore is the CEO/founder & Editor-in-Chief of YMag. Shar is also an International Award Winning Mentor, Speaker and Author. She is passionate about helping women figure out their ‘Y’.

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