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Have your customers lost faith? Here’s how to turn things around


There are many reasons why your customers might have lost faith in your brand. Perhaps you were caught up in some kind of scandal or you simply lost your way in terms of offering customers what they wanted. However, what happened in the past is not really what matters most when you’re in this situation. Sure, you need to learn from your mistakes, but you also need to turn things around ASAP.

That’s what we’re going to look into today. When times are tough and your customers no longer believe in the brand you’ve created from scratch, it’s easy to feel downhearted. But wallowing in self-pity won’t get you very far in terms of turning the situation around. Read on now if you want to find out more about what you can do to get things back on track by winning that customer faith back again.

Consider a rebrand

If something went badly wrong that damaged your business in a big way, the best way forward might be to undertake a big rebrand. It’s a way of showing the world that your business is taking a clean break and starting over. It makes people more willing to give your brand a second shot as well. It can be costly undertake an entire rebrand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. If it provides your business with the fresh start it needs, it could be worth it.

Make changes to the company structure

The structure of the business might be behind the reasons why people lost faith in your brand. Mismanagement at boardroom level is hardly uncommon. And you can show people that all that has changed by restructuring the business and putting more people in senior roles while the people responsible for past mistakes are moved on. If the people and structure remain the same, people are going to expect big changes from your company.

Start listening more closely to customer needs

The needs of your customers should always come before anything else because these are what matter when you’re trying to win people over. Rather than counting money or finding ways to cut costs, your number one priority should be on the changing needs of customers and what they really require from your business. Only then will you be able to really offer people what they want. Ask more questions about what customers want and then act on the response you get from them.

Have your customers lost faith? Here's how to turn things around

Show that you’ve learned from past mistakes

If things have gone wrong for you in the past, as they clearly have, it’s probably a good idea to reflect on what went so badly wrong for you and why. If you don’t learn your lessons from past mistakes, then making those mistakes will have no positive upsides at all. You need to show your customers that you have learned the lessons from what went wrong before and that you’re determined to make sure mistakes don’t get made again.

Create an event and have fun with customers

Hosting some kind of big event that brings the community together and shows people that your business is about fun and positivity can’t help but be a good thing for your brand. It’s a way of creating a positive story with your business at the centre of it. And if everyone is having a good time, it will cement a positive image of your business in the minds of local people, so this is something that you should most definitely try to implement as soon as you can.

Give something back

Giving something back to the community is a good way of showing everyone that you really do care about customers and their lives. This can happen in a whole variety of ways. For a start, you could run some kind of competition for customers, giving them the chance to win something that would be huge for them. Alternatively, you could do some direct charity work and give something back to the community in that way; it’s up to you which route you eventually take.

Have your customers lost faith? Here's how to turn things around

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Make small changes help your customers save money

No one wants to spend more money than they have to. That’s a general rule in life that pretty much everyone lives by. So why not make the kinds of changes that will allow your customers to save some money when they interact with your brand and buy from you? You could find out how to buy a 1800 number and make it cheaper for people to call your business. And you can offer discounts for repeat purchases from your store. Small savings really add up over time.

Review your pricing strategy

As we’ve already established, no one likes overspending. And that’s one reason why you might want to create a pricing strategy that actually makes people want to buy from you again. If the consensus is that your products or services have been overpriced in the past, this might be one of the reasons why customers have lost faith in your brand. So you should review your pricing strategy and make it clear that you’re willing to reduce prices for customers.

Be more transparent going forward

Finally, you should simply try to be a little more transparent in the way you run your business. People don’t like it when businesses are mysterious and distant from customers. By being opening about things going on inside the business, people won’t feel like they’re being ignored or lied to by the people running the business. It might seem like a small thing, but more and more people are becoming interested in the transparency of the businesses they buy from week after week.

It’s not nice knowing that your customers no longer have faith in your brand. But if you find yourself in this situation, there is normally a reason for it. You should be willing to take action and be more positive going forward if you’re to have any chance of winning back that lost faith in your brand.

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