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Escape the office: Pursue a career in paradise


Are you tired of your cramped and cluttered office? Do you hate being able to smell the sweaty guy in the cubicle next to you? Perhaps you’ve dreamed on working from a beach somewhere or a coastal town in a beautiful location. We’re talking about the type of the place that people retreat to when they want to get away from the office. Well, what if rather than a retreat that was the actual location of your work? As it turns out this is a possibility and we’re going to show you some of the best options that you may want to consider.

Offer services for tourists

You might want to think about offering services that tourists will love. There are various possibilities that fit the bill here. Do you love the water and the ocean? You can think about learning how to scuba dive and then provide lessons in tropical locations yourself or even underwater tours. People who do this can make a lot of money through tourist season, but you do have to be prepared for the down time with this business possibility.

And yes, it can be a business. Rather than just offering lessons or tours yourself, you can hire other people, growing your company, setting up shop in a location that feels very much like paradise. Scuba diving is just one of the possibilities of course. You could also invest in boats and boating accessories, renting them out to tourists on the coast. You can charge a lot for a service like this and as long as you get the right business insurance, it’s a bulletproof venture.

Become a holiday rep

Or, alternatively, you can work as a holiday rep or build your own holiday rep company. To be a holiday rep, you need to be happy, friendly, helpful and a few extra languages wouldn’t hurt either. It doesn’t matter whether you will be working in a country where the native language is English. Plenty of tourists will be traveling from afar and if you can communicate without them having to get out their English dictionary, you’re likely to earn a far higher income.

Luxury holiday reps can earn a fortune too, making thousands a week simply by offering a fantastic service to their clients. If you’re eager to learn more about this possibility, there are courses and training options available online.

Get your blog on

Or finally, how about working from a beach writing on a laptop? That’s what holiday blogging will allow you to do. Set up a holiday blog and you can write about locations that you have visited and spend time there to take photos and provide content. As long as your blog is helpful, friendly and informative, you will make money and reach profitability. Blogging is a business and it can be one that will earn you a lot. You just need to make sure that you do take it sEscape the office: Pursue a career in paradiseeriously and avoid treating it like a hobby.

We hope you find this advice helpful and love your new career in paradise, whatever it may be.


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