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Get your business fitness on track: how to fit workouts into your day


A fitness regime can be hard to fit into a business day,  a long and frustratingly slow process, and many of us quit when the results don’t seem to match the effort made to count calories and deny ourselves delicious treats. It’s the same story with the gym too – with regular visits and a decent commitment to working out often failing to make much of a difference to weight or body shape.

Taking control of your weight loss and workout routine is surprisingly easy to do – all it takes is some research, planning and determination. The key to it all is choosing the very best fat burning exercise and workout routines to maximize the results from every moment spent on them. You can learn more from EHI Primary Care here.

Try HIIT workouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fabulous way to burn fat from problem areas like your stomach and arms, while toning the muscles for long term positive results. HIIT workouts are usually around 20-30 minutes in length, but they are said to boost your metabolism for several hours further, which means even more calories are burned without further effort. What a bonus!

HITT workout are not for the fainthearted – they are tough and fast so if you are a beginner to exercise or very unfit ask a professional in the field for advice before beginning. Also remember they should be part of a regular routine but combined with other forms of exercise too.

Shorter good fat burning exercises

For fat burning on the belly and upper body try a short session of push-ups and jumping jacks. Rest and repeat several times.

Burn fat on the stairs

After warming up run up the stairs, taking them one or two at a time. As you gain strength add extra activity, like push-ups, burpees or squats at the top, then descend slowly and repeat once or twice more.

Bump up a treadmill workout

Running on the treadmill may seem like a good way to burn calories, but there’s more benefit for fat burning by taking a different approach. After a regular five minute warm up while either walking fast or jogging gently start increasing the speed and the incline to create some resistance. Some people find walking with weights in both hands helps add them add in some arm exercise too.

Non HITT fat burners

If you prefer it is just as effective to exercise less intensely, but more often. A daily walk which you time, and aim to speed up as each day passes is a good start. Later you can add in extra activity such as lunges between periods spent walking.

Take the stairs over the lift but don’t dawdle – focusing on moving faster in all aspects of your life is the key to burning fat.

Ultimately the best fat burning exercises are those you enjoy enough to do consistently, as losing weight is generally a long term commitment rather than a short term thing.

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