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Put yoga and chiropractics together to boost productivity


Yoga is more than just a fad that’s been on the rise for a long while now. It’s a method of meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of a person. And while it’s incredibly effective on its own, these positive results can be further enhanced with the help of chiropractic care.

But—first things first—what exactly are these two things that we claim should be put together as if they were peanut butter and jelly?

Well, yoga and chiropractic care are two of the more popular methods by which people not only heal injuries, but also increase flexibility as well as reduce anxiety. For us to be able to understand how these two treatments can function synergistically and thus boost your productivity, we need to first understand each of their functions.

What exactly is yoga?

At its core, Yoga is a strict spiritual discipline that hails from Hindu culture. Meditation, controlled breathing, and assuming certain postures are the main practices that one would develop while learning yoga. But that doesn’t even begin to explain the depth of yoga. It is a broad discipline that manifests itself in so many forms.

In general, yoga practitioners and their students enjoy the benefits of being more capable of handling stress and in turn, they are less prone to experiencing depression and anxiety. Physically, these people enjoy the benefit of being more flexible, stronger, and leaner than people who don’t practice yoga. 

What is chiropractic care?

On the other hand, chiropractic care is intended to correct any spinal misalignments and as a result, to help the body regain its balance. The reason that the spine is the main focus here is that it contains most of the CNS (Central Nervous System) and it is also the passage through which neural impulses travel throughout the body.

What makes them so synergistic?

While a chiropractor specializes in the care and maintenance of the spine, a yoga practitioner is trained to help patients strengthen the muscles around the spine, lower blood pressure, and to strengthen the core of the body. Both yoga and chiropractic care work towards the goal of improving mobility, flexibility and balance.

It only makes sense that both these treatments be used in conjunction with each other to further enhance their effects on the human body.

Furthermore, yoga also helps prime the body for healing, thereby making chiropractic treatment more effective than without yoga practice. This is because the muscles are stretched and warmed up and ultimately add up to an evenly balanced body. Such a body is more likely to respond favorably to chiropractic treatment versus one that is stiff and sore.

Both of these wellness methods also help to reduce the risk of injury by stretching and relaxing tense muscles and by promoting the proper coordination of different muscle groups. Apart from this, there are several yoga poses that promote an improved spinal range of motion (which also lessens the risk for any form of injury to the spine) as well as a calming of the central nervous system.

With these benefits, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pair these two like they were PB and J – and see the boost they make to your wellbeing and productivity.

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