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How to keep your business reputation positive


There is a famous saying that it takes 5 years to build a business reputation and it takes only 5 minutes to ruin it.

If you build a house of cards, one waft of air can destroy it in seconds. The same goes with the time and money you invest for years to build your status in the market. When the reputation vanishes into thin air, it won’t come back to the normal state easily. The only safeguard is to have happy customers who won’t ever desert you.

If you are keeping your customers happy, then you don’t have to be worried about anything because pure gold does not fear the flame. We are going to present you some great tips to maintain your business reputation and make it more positive.

Keep the guarantees

If you make promises then you better honor them. If you can’t, then don’t claim biggies.

If you are offering 100% money back guarantee without asking any question, then do it as claimed, and if you deliver your products in 24 hours, then do it as you claimed.

In other words, your each and every repute-oriented words will be questionable if they are not practically implemented.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that not all claims are specific. The simple customer deal is a guarantee. The buyer believes that they’ll get the item or services they bought in a timely fashion. They also know that the things they bought are worth what they paid for it.

If you aren’t keeping these important promises, your reputation will be affected.

Encourage customers to build positive relationships

Wait for a second, how does it make sense to award my customer if I am already selling him my services or products on low rates?

Well, let me give you a million-dollar tip – if your customer is dealing with you nicely and can understand your points then reward him, Why? Because every business has about 20 to 30 percent least rational or irate customers, who are sometimes very tough to deal with.

So, if you want to fill this 30 percent gap of loyalty, then you better reward them a gift or a special discount. Managing what people say about your company is a certain key to control difficult situations.

Say “I’m sorry” Whenever you screw up

We’re not perfect, and no business is perfect either. Sooner or later, your business will make a blunder. You will say a thing insensitive or behave badly to any review, or you will see an issue in logistics that triggers products to be shipped late. Anything can happen; something usually happens.

What sets good businesses beyond the bad ones is the way most of these issues are dealt with while they happen. Just trying to say “I’m sorry,” is not more than enough.

Apologies cannot be hurried, rushed or unclearly dealt with. If your business has a good reputation, then don’t take it as a blessing. It could be ruined due to any reason. It doesn’t just happen; your business earns it by offering quality services or products. If the message of your business is worth remembering, a couple of negative reviews won’t make a dent. That’s one good reason why you should tell your story early and frequently. Earning the trust of people can be your best insurance against bad reviews or reports.

Manage your good reputation

If you see the first thing as you read through all these tips, be sure it is this: you will have control over your own reputation.

You should not feel like your company only has a healthy standing because it is perfect, or it bribes all customers for posting positive reviews on Yelp.

In fact, your company that commits to its desired goals lives to its promises and keeps its guarantees will be known as a reputable company. Many companies know the way significant it is actually to manage their popularity among customers. As people want to use companies they admire – businesses that show the way open, reliable, and consistent they are on a regular basis. In accordance with a newly released Glassdoor website survey, 90% of job seekers believe that reliability and good reputation are important factors while considering companies doing jobs for. The best talent is drawn to companies with positive, strong track records. To win the trust of some job seekers, a company should achieve the best level of popularity.

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