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Marketing ideas to greet 2020 with a bang


A new decade is fast approaching and 2020 is almost knocking at our doors ready to be greeted with the cheers of hopeful people, who are looking forward to promises of new beginnings and chances for do-overs. Over the years, smart business people have taken notice of how to best ride this wave of the public’s turbulent emotions at that time of year and how to best reap the benefits of their marketing efforts. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns are the ones launched when people are going through a time of a “oneness” feeling like the holidays, major sports events like the Super Bowl, or New Year’s where everyone is more accepting and responsive.

So, let’s take a look below at some marketing ideas that can greet 2020 with a bang!

●     Build your affiliate marketing network

Recently, affiliate marketing has become a very effective channel of promotion. If you want to save yourself the hassle and cost of marketing for your products, this marketing method is for you. You can find different strategies on Affiliate Profit Power explaining how this works by creating an affiliate network where you, as the merchant, get to burden your affiliate marketers with the task of promoting your product, all in exchange for a commission that you pay when they generate actual sales. This is a very smart approach, especially if you decide later on to expand on this line of products and produce complementary products, as you will already have the necessary network in place ready to utilize.

●     Get on the influencer bandwagon

Given the disruption in the marketing world influencers have caused, one cannot deny how powerful and effective this marketing model has turned out to be. Influencers are more credible than before and the amount of business they bring in is the best testimonial that this method works. Given the number of people logging onto social media platforms every day, working with an established influencer with a big number of followers on an end of the year campaign is guaranteed to surge profits even for the most famous brands. As the number of social media users is estimated to grow exponentially over the next few years, companies will only need to find the most relevant influencers to partner up with, and little to no extra effort will be needed from their marketing teams.

●     Go with vintage ways of marketing

If you decide that digital marketing has become too mainstream or just does not get along with your product, go back to the more traditional ways of doing things. Make use of your surrounding environment and use what you can for your benefit. For instance, get the necessary permits to build your own sparkling water fountain in your neighborhood park and build residents’ anticipation for your new drink hitting the market soon. Or host public potlucks in one of the community clubs to promote your latest grill set. Although the strength of online marketing cannot be denied, people are still drawn to everything that is catchy and fun.

●     Try contest marketing

There is no better way of capturing your customers’ attention than by bringing them on the inside and assigning them roles in your marketing campaigns. Organize a contest between your customers to come up with the best catchphrase for one of your existing products that you want to relaunch to conquer new markets. Promote the contest on your social media accounts using a unique hashtag, email lists, and even outdoor billboards. Involve your customers in the conversation and take their opinion as to what the prize should be. Not only does this guarantee maximum customer engagement, it also means your marketing campaign is almost self-operational, lowering your costs and ensuring you end up with higher customers’ satisfaction thanks to the role they played.

●     Think of the bigger picture

People are more aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and human welfare in general than ever before. Socially aware companies that use their marketing efforts to discuss important topics and events happening around them enjoy greater public support than oblivious ones that seem to exist in a world of their own. You can commit a percentage of your annual profits to be donated to a charity of your choice. This will encourage potential clients interested in supporting such causes to shift their attention away from your competitors and support you instead.

There are still tons of untapped marketing ventures regardless of how saturated this space may seem. With some imagination, you will find your next best idea right around the corner. Try to find the best marketing method and idea that fits your product and company identity to see maximum results.

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