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    10 tips to stop sabotaging your career

    We all do things subconsciously and often don’t know about them until someone tells us. And it is these subconscious actions that can cause us to sabotage our own...

  • Boss Lady

    Emma Watson tells us how to view barriers

    Harry Potter star Emma Watson has waved her magic wand and cast a spell of motivation upon aspiring females everywhere. Emma Watson has continued to take to Twitter to...

  • focusing on your strengths


    5 tips on how to be brave

    Being brave is something that doesn’t come easily to many of us. That’s because bravery isn’t a trait we’re born with, it’s a learned attribute and one that comes...

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    Boss Lady

    5 signs your business needs more structure

    How do you know when your business needs more structure – and what can you do about it? A business becomes self-sustainable when it has a repeat client base,...

  • impact storytelling


    Impact storytelling: 10 tips to make business impact

    Impact storytelling has emerged as the number one leadership and influencing skill for the next decade. At a recent event held by How To Impact, I discussed how impact storytelling...

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    Five ways style can express your personality | The Business Woman TV

    One of the most common questions we get asked in image development sessions, “How can I look professional without losing my personality?” What dressing for success really means is...

  • fantastic presentations

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    10 tips on how to present in the boardroom

    There is a statistic that is used over and over again that the number one fear is to speak in public — an even greater fear than death. And...

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    7 tips to stop your career sinking

    Maybe you see your career as ‘the unsinkable’. However that’s what they said about the Titanic – so they weren’t on the lookout for risks that could endanger it....

  • crisis management overcome fear business failure

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    The 11 worst career mistakes you can make

    Everybody makes mistakes. But businesswomen are often scrutinized for career mistakes that, let’s face it, the men simply wouldn’t worry about. Unfair? Yes. Reality? Also yes. And when...

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    10 Tips to get rid of pre-interview nerves

    We all get nervous about something, sometime. Whether it’s making a speech, hosting a party or an up-coming interview. Interviews, particularly, can make us incredibly nervous because, unless we’re...

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    Why mentoring should matter to you

    We all know – or should know – that mentoring is important for young professionals wanting to further their knowledge and career. But what we often miss is how...

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    Every day can be International Women’s Day

    A half-marathon is mind over matter I am told. To mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, I ran the Semi-Marathon de Paris – therefore with 21km of thinking...