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The 2018 Fortune 500 Women CEO report showed a drop in the number of female CEOs from 32% (2017) to 24%. While the roughly 25% decline in the list is deeply concerning to those who measure such things, it has not diminished the spirits of the many women who are currently making waves across the world in a variety of industries.

Women in the gaming industry like Ellen Beeman, Tracy Fullerton and Yoko Kano, are just a few of the creative and hardworking people who authored, developed and programmed some of the most popular arcade, online and desktop video games.

Sexism is reportedly widespread in the gaming industry, but these women leaders are persistent and continue to thrive by unselfishly sharing their creative talents, and are always open to share knowledge and everything you need to know about gaming.

Other industries where machismo is broadly scorned is the IT and Software. So when speaking of IT and Software products and services, what easily comes into our minds are pictures of geeky men who drool over their computers. But hey, count the women who make the highest pay in the biggest tech companies worldwide: Marissa Mayer (pictured) of Yahoo ($27.4M), Ginni Rometty of IBM ($32.3M), Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard ($32.9M) and Safra Catz of Oracle ($41M).

These women stand out in the technology field not just because they started the company with huge amounts of capital or used superior STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational backgrounds to run their companies. Their sage decision making and how they leverage all business aspects from tools to human resources, are what makes them immensely valuable not just in their business turf but to the whole technology world as well.

But what does it really take to become a powerful femme leader in the workplace? Take a look at some advice below that’s been added from the experiences of top women CEOs:

  • You need to develop a voice that can speak not only of what would be good for you but for the best of the whole team. And as you speak, listen to what one has to say. If you are tasked to lead a small group and reports to another leader, bridge the communication between the two parties in order to come into a mutual understanding.
  • Show concern both to the company and your customers via win-win strategies, building up both the business and its people.
  • Continue to acquire knowledge and skills in the process as this will allow you to be able to decide wisely on different issues of the business.
  • Make unpopular decisions that would revolutionize the company, but ensure the well-being of everyone in it.
  • Focus on creating the best service by making your product fundamentally accessible to your target customers.
  • Set your sights high. Challenges may cross or trip you along the way, but keep the courage to proceed and the motivation to convert problems into opportunities.

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