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Why you really need SEO more than you think


Believe it or not, some websites online do become a hit naturally. Usually, this is because promotion for the company or the product already exists. Or, in some cases, you might find that the buzz grows at such an astounding rate, marketing is not necessary. However, it is important to remember that what we are talking about is the exception and not the rule. Indeed, it is true to say that most people will find their websites at the bottom of the SERP’s without some sort of promotion. The bread and butter of an online marketing campaign is definitely SEO. But how do you know if you need search engine optimization?

Great idea, no traffic

You might think that the concept behind your business is awesome. You have a fantastic product that you think will really sell to customers. In fact, you may have even sold this product in the real world. So, why are you not finding any interest online? After all, you have plenty of followers on social media, and many of them would surely be excited to buy your service or item. Fact is, that without SEO they won’t be able to find your site to do this. To get to a certain point online, customers do not use the domain name. Instead, they search for a specific keyword or phrase related to the item. As such, without SEO customers cannot find your site.

All heart and no SEO

There are two ways that you can build your site so that it is attractive and accessible to customers. One of the ways is conversion rate optimization. This ensures that once people find your site, they want to stick around. It is a way of guaranteeing that a user becomes a customer. To do this, you may just have to change one tiny little detail of your design. It could be as simple as replacing a picture. This shows how fickle customers can really be. If your CRO is successful, you will find that lots of customers make purchases. But you will be missing a crucial detail, and that detail will be SEO. You have to get them to your site first.

No other promotion

It would be a lie to say SEO is the only promotion available online. There are many different options. For instance, the SEO that we have been talking about thus far is referred to as organic. There are also inorganic possibilities such as PPC marketing. This refers to pay per click. Basically, with this type of promotion, you can guarantee your spot in the sponsor’s result section of the SERP’s. Therefore, you can make sure that customers can always find your site. However, you have to be careful because it is based on clicks not sales. So if the customers don’t stay for the purchase, you could end up paying a lot for marketing without seeing any results.

Content marketing

Or, you can focus on content. Content marketing is arguably one of the strongest forms of promotion online. With content, you can shape marketing around convincing customers to buy, creating an immersive campaign. But for this to be successful, you have to release content like clockwork. It needs to be a highly organized campaign. You must also make sure that any content released is targeted to your audience. If you are using either one of these concepts to their full potential, you may not need to think too much about SEO. However, if you are not already using marketing like this, we guarantee SEO will be crucial. You can choose link building, a guest post service, social signals, among other SEO strategies to direct people to your site, making it easier for potential customers to find you using a search engine as most people do.


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