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3 easiest ways to kickstart your online presence


An online presence usually means one of a few things. Firstly, it could mean a website. Secondly, it might refer to your social media accounts. And lastly, it could just mean your listing in a business directory. However, while it’s fine to use just one or two of these platforms, it’s always a great idea for you to make the most out of all three so that your business can gain maximum exposure on the internet. If you’re unsure how to make that happen, here are some pointers to guide you.


Your website should be treated as the front page to your business. It should be the opening cover, the door that opens to the insides of your business. The very first page that your customers should see is your logo, perhaps a slogan, and a smart way to show what services and products you offer.

Depending on what type of business you run, your website needs to present a couple of things.

Firstly, if you operate at a physical location and you don’t offer online services such as global delivery, then you need to make sure people know where to find you. A big “Contact” or “Where to find us” button is a good example of making it easy to find your location.

Social media

Your presence on social media is critical when it comes to promoting your business online. Online marketing agency services can help greatly with promoting your business on social media. They are experts at what they do, and they make it their job to monitor trends and follow fads that can be used to promote and advertise your business.

There are a couple of golden rules of social media that everyone needs to follow. Firstly, you need to choose a social media platform that suits your business. Instagram is a popular example of a specialised social media platform. Instagram mainly focuses on picture and video, so if you run something like an art store then you can post pictures of your products and finished works on Instagram. Otherwise, Facebook and Twitter will serve most other purposes.

Online directories

Lastly, if you don’t have the money or time to invest in something like social media and a website, you need to list your service in an online directory. The most important things to remember is listing the correct contact information and give yourself a brief description, or else customers won’t be able to find you and you won’t get any business if you don’t explain what it is that you sell or provide.

After that, you have to focus on customer service. The only thing that promotes your business in an online directory is your star rating. People are turned off by anything that’s below four stars, so if your business suffers due to poor service and customer treatment, then you’re going to suffer the consequences. In times like this, it’s never a bad idea to expand onto other platforms such as having a website or a social media presence to better handle customer feedback and promote your business.

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