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How to expand your business? Try these strategies


Business expansion has a formula. We all want to take our business from success to even bigger success, no matter what that might be. As a small business, it’s crucial to expand in the right way and accelerate growth via the right means, and where you can. There are some excellent ways to expand your business that are tried and tested methods, so let’s explore a few of them.

Try these strategies to expand your business

Host an event

Hosting an event in which you celebrate your brand, or launch a new line, or even one you just go along to with the idea of networking, is good for a company’s growth to expand your business. Knowing you have a place you can advertise in to your heart’s content is important, and inviting everyone along you want to see it means you have a better opportunity than advertising anywhere else in the world

You can find both new customers and potential investors, depending on how good you are with your marketing skills. For that reason, if you don’t know the first thing about hosting an event, you can enlist the services of event management companies to help you out and keep everything running smoothly. It’s also rather professional to do so.

Open another shop

Moving locations is one thing; you chase the custom when it isn’t coming to you, but setting up shop in two areas? It works a lot more than you think when you’re hesitating over the pros and cons to expand your business.

This kind of expansion is a serious investment, and if you can’t sustain it, then don’t do it. A profit you’ve been consistently making for a while should be your bottom line here to make sure you can actually support yourself. These are your projected earnings for the new place you open up, in which case the new shop should be able to support itself.

Be flexible

So if you offer a product, try offering another one. Or even better, offer samples of what it is you have to sell. You can even use other people’s products in your business, bringing them into the fold with a partnership to expand your business, if you’re so inclined.

Make sure to have sales of your popular products as well as the stock you want to get rid of. Keep customers coming in for the things you’re known for, as bigger inventory is always a good sign when you go to order. Plenty of big companies like to advertise their selling campaigns, so follow in this suit. On social media or your own website, always offer updates as to what you’re up to with your business.

Expand your business core focus

It is easiest for a company if it grows out of the existing core business, because in this way it is possible to fall back on existing know-how and experience in the company. However, the further a company moves away from its core business , the greater the risks , since, for example, one has to find one’s way in a distant business environment, find new partners or learn the “rules of the market” anew. Therefore, it makes sense to grow step by step out of the core business, to gain experience and then to strive for further expansion based on this experience.

In order to grow faster in the strategic areas of the company, it is often also necessary to areas to separate that have enough potential so as to free up resources to be able to use better and more profitable.

To expand your business in adjacent market segments

Get out of the core business to expand your business so, the company can use its acquired core competencies in the established business and expand into adjacent market segments to expand. Various measures are available for this. The range of offers can be improved, enlarged or reduced. The sales channels can also be used better or new channels can be opened up.

Optimize company areas

In addition, other corporate functions such as marketing, sales or production can be critically examined and, if necessary, optimized. Existing business relationships can be expanded further and better used.

Optimize customer management

A company lives off its customers, so professional customer management is one of the areas where improvements can be made quickly to drive company growth. The customer satisfaction , for example, through customer surveys, face-to-face contacts increases or professional complaint management and customer loyalty increased. In addition, you can win new customers by expanding or making the product range more variable or by more intensive marketing.

The most important customers should already be involved in the development process of new products or services in order to increase the chances of success in the market launch.

At a glance to expand your business

Expand and improve the range of offers
Intensify existing business relationships
Establish new sales channels or make better use of existing sales channels
Marketing improvement
Increase in demand
Gain new clients
Reach new customer target groups
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase customer loyalty


Expansion can take time of course, and it isn’t ever going to happen straight away. A lot of the time, companies pass on the strategies to expand your business, and it isn’t until new talent is brought in in this way that growth takes place. Yet, be sure to market constantly with your brands to expand your business, as this is what allows you to gain footholds in new areas where the demand isn’t met.

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