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Upper middle: how to target wealthier clients


When your business is targeting people in the upper middle class, who have more purchasing power than the majority of consumers, it can mean a lot of potential for success. However, to really tap into that potential, you need to be able to market to the upper middle class effectively. These people are more likely to be repeat customers, so don’t let them slip through your fingers! Below are some great tips.

Consider their motivation

While it would be pretty easy to paint every consumer in the upper middle class with one brush, what motivates one affluent person to buy a product or pay for a service can be very different to what motivates another. Understanding both the demographics and the psychological nuances of your target audience is essential for making sure you can market your product effectively.

You need to consider their gender, profession, age, and their main interests when you’re setting out your marketing strategy. Generally, however, people in the upper middle class will respond well to a product or service of a high quality, backed up and fortified by a “white glove” level of service. This is where all the health spa and golf giveaways come in handy!

Value over price

When you’re trying to market something to the upper middle classes, the bulk of your materials shouldn’t focus on price. In fact, many people who have gotten used to being in a higher salary bracket find more expensive products and services to be somewhat reassuring! When you spend a little time looking at the upper middle class’s habits of consumption, you realise that they’re much more likely to respond to a marketing initiative that focuses mainly on the value they’ll get from your product or service.

Leveraging this can also inspire a lot of customer loyalty, and may even breathe life into your pool of shareholders and investors! A lot of marketing consultants who are called in to high-end brands have to tell their clients time and time again that their prices are too low. As long as they can afford to pay for it, your upper middle class target market will associate a higher price with greater value.

Keeping up appearances

Of course, you can’t just slap a high price tag on any old thing and expect your target market to be convinced! Whether it’s for fun or as part of their day-to-day lifestyle, the upper middle class seek out a taste of luxury in everything they do. This is the world of designer clothes outlets, specialty boutiques, SUVs and supercars.

Even if you’re selling something fairly basic, offering up an enhanced level of quality or extra features is an essential staple to any marketing campaign targeting the upper middle class. This will inject a little more prestige into your brand, and make your affluent customers feel even more affluent by making a purchase. Personalised and bespoke products are also a great way to make them feel like your business is a mark of the good life!

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