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Why naps and exercise are your secret weapons


Women are renowned for pushing themselves to the limit in order to be everything and do everything in order to reach their goal. Right. To. The. Limit. That means we often drain our energy reserves, brain function and of course blood sugar levels to get everything done.

I admit I am one of those women. I love what I do and yes I would much prefer to work on my business(es) than spend my time out on the town. However, even though I like to work, work, work … I need to make sure when I am working that I am at my optimal.

Being mentally active can be draining. My secret? Schedule in exercise and naps, just as you would any other important business.

Women often see exercise as a chore. This is a mindset that needs to change. I treat exercise as an appointment. Just as important as a client meeting.

We have all read the studies that say exercise releases endorphins and helps with energy levels. Yes this is true, but exercise is so much more than that for a busy ambitious woman. It is the one time you can switch your mind OFF.

Exercise to you could be a walk, swim, tennis — or like in my case, CrossFit.

An hour working out the body is an hour off from having to think about and deal with work. This in itself is so refreshing.

Naps are the other crucial little secret that can supercharge your work. Scheduling these in throughout the week can enhance your productivity three fold… or even more.

This could be a 10min power nap in a quiet corner of the office, or a two-hour lights-out coma, depending on your day and what works best.

Needing to rest your mind and your body is not a sign of weakness. Remember that Thomas Edison secretly power-napped to balance out his crazy work schedule — setting up napping cots throughout his home, laboratories and libraries for whenever he needed to recharge.

The famed former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt —  wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt — was known for taking short naps before giving public speeches. The little extra rest gave her a boost of energy which let’s face it — we all need from time to time.

So each Sunday night when you are planning for the week, treat your exercise and your naps as important tools to help you become the successful business woman you are working so hard to become.

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