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Why you shouldn’t turn down help


No-one starts out on a journey without some idea of where they want it to end. It’s true that we sometimes change course mid-journey. Sometimes, we discover something incredible while trying to find something else. As history shows, Christopher Columbus was looking for India when he found America. So what you find out along your journey can be of value, but you need a goal in mind.

And when you have a goal, you need to be thorough in its pursuit. Every decision you make along the way needs to be made with the end goal in mind. All of this advice tends to make us ruthless; streamlined; depending only on our wits.

Yet you can’t just rely on your own talents to get you through to that point; it’s a balancing act. Columbus needed someone to say: “er, Chris? I don’t think this is India…” after all. Sure, you want your achievements to be yours alone. But think about it for a moment — is taking help and getting there worse than failing on your own?

Help You Can Use Vs. Help That Uses You

Here’s the key point about taking help along the way to success. Sometimes, it comes with strings attached. If you have an idea that may be worth millions, and someone offers you help to get it to the top, that’s nice. But if they want a big percentage of profits for helping, then their motives aren’t altruistic. (They might be a sign you’re onto something, though.)

So evaluate any offers of assistance with the question: what’s in it for them? And, more importantly, what’s it going to cost me? That doesn’t mean refuse out of hand; it just means you have to be on your guard.

What Kind Of Strings Can You Tolerate?

If you believe that help always comes with strings attached, that shouldn’t necessarily put you off taking it. Sure, you don’t want to give away some of your profits just to get a signal boost from someone more established. But if you have the chance to go on radio and talk about your business, that’s a different thing. There, you stand to gain plenty in terms of promotion. It’s reciprocal.

It’s also different if you are asked, or get the chance, to write a guest post on someone else’s blog. As you’ll see at, it’s mutually beneficial. You give some of your time, some of your words and maybe a reciprocal opportunity. You get a wider audience. And this can be invaluable for future profits.

Knowing When You’re Selling Out

For decades now, artists have been aiming to get their work to an audience. Often, the moment they expand beyond their initial audience, they are accused of becoming a “sell-out.” This is a confusing criticism, because reaching a wider audience is pivotal for making your voice heard. By all means, if you compromise the message to reach more people, it can be a problem. But as long as you stay true to what you’re doing, there’s no place for guilt.

If you are offered help on your way to a goal, by all means size up the price. Don’t throw away your principles just to get there faster, but be open for opportunities for assistance. If you can take help from someone without changing what you do and how you do it, go for it. You’ll be in a position to help others one day, and you can pay it forward.

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