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Congratulations are in order. Against all the odds, you have reached the top of the tree. As the big boss, you don’t have to tolerate the boy’s club any longer because you make the decisions. In a world when men dominate, you are a woman that is fighting back and opening up a new lane.

Although it must be a great position to be in, it’s also one that carries a lot of responsibility. Plus, some people want to see you fail because you’re a woman. Staying sane must be almost impossible, right? For the business women that find it difficult to keep their sanity, there are ways to blow off steam.

All you have to do is consider the following, and no one will ever question your mental health.

Stay organized

Every person needs a high level of organization if they want to be successful. For any manager or boss to be successful, they have to be almost flawless. The simple truth is that you have a lot of responsibility as one of the tops players in the firm. So, not only do you have to deal with your tasks, but you also have to deal with the tasks of others. When it comes to dealing with so much, there is no way to win unless you have a plan. Think of a plan as a map that will guide you to the right answers. All you have to do is look at it from time to time, and you’ll see the route as clear as day. A word of advice: try and keep time in reserve. Even the best plans go awry. When they do, you’ll need extra time to come up solutions. Organization is the key to breaking the day down into bite-sizeable chunks that are easy to manage.


There are lots of benefits of being the boss, but none are as advantageous as transferring power. To a lot of higher-ups, this tactic is an absolute no-go. The reason why is because they hate relinquishing power. As the boss, they think they have to take care of every aspect of the firm. Plus, they don’t want to give employees the tools to form an effective coup! The truth is that a coup isn’t on the agenda, not if you are excellent at your job. What is on the agenda is giving employees more work to lower your workload. Okay, so it seems unfair, and it is to a degree. However, their job is to supplement you to ensure that the company runs smoothly. As long as you choose a person you can trust, nothing should go wrong, plus you’ll suffer from less stress.

Focus on the cash

Money is without a doubt the most stressful part of running a business. Bosses such as Warren Buffett still worry about cash flow to this day, which gives you an indication of its importance. The reality is simple: you’ll find money hard to come by at points. And, this will cause you to lose your mind. In this industry, money means success, and a lack of it means failure. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to get the books in order to relieve the pressure. There are plenty of options, from finding a factoring company to hiring an accountant. Some firms even like to make an investment to secure their long-term finances. Whatever option you pick is down to you, but you must choose one. If you let the cash flow situation escalate, you might you job as well as your sanity.

Blow off steam

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you delegate or stay organized because the well runs too deep. When stress is ingrained in your body, there is only one option. That option is to blow off steam and release the pent up frustration in your body. People that allow the anger to build end up exploding in spectacular fashion. Let’s face it – you don’t want to be that boss. No, you want to be the boss that always looks like they have it together even when times are hard. To be this person, you should start with regular exercise as it lets you release your aggression in a controlled manner. Plus, working out releases endorphins into the bloodstream. For anyone that doesn’t know what that means, it means you will be happier. There are plenty of ways to blow off steam, and you should choose the one which suits your needs.

Be firm but fair

No boss likes to admit it, but there is no better feeling than shouting at an employee. Of course, said employee has to deserve a rollicking otherwise it will affect the team’s morale. However, you can use it to your advantage if you do it properly. The trick is to be firm but fair. Workers that understand you don’t regularly fly off the handle won’t think you’re unstable. Instead, they will believe that they or their colleagues aren’t performing. In theory, this process should push them to work harder. All the while, you get to blow off steam and raise productivity levels. There are a few things to remember, though. The first is that the criticism can’t be for something insignificant. Also, the person that you yell at must have thick skin. If they don’t, they could take the criticism to heart, which will have the opposite effect.

Work/life balance

Sure, you’re a big dawg in the industry who commands respects. And, you get all the financial incentives that people dream off when they think of their career. But, how is life at home? Bosses often work too hard, and it affects their life/work balance. There is nothing wrong with concentrating on your career, but you need time off every now and again. Otherwise, the monotony and rigours of work will get too big. The trick is to hard work during the week, but to take time off on the weekends. Go out with friends, grab a bite to eat, visit your parents – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you get the ‘me time’ that you need to de-stress.

Otherwise, you won’t be the cool, calm and collected lady that runs the office.

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