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4 lessons your digital business can learn from print media


For experienced digital marketers, the industry can be rather black and white. Online marketing is both the present and the future, while print media represents a much more traditional and inflexible resource. It is still valuable, but it doesn’t offer the same immediacy or expansiveness as social media, for example. Yet, is this really the case? Is print media a dying discipline?

Fortunately, the answer is very clear. There are many things that print media can teach modern marketers, but they have to be willing to go back to basics. For instance, the ability to constantly change and update digital materials can encourage a less than precise approach. Being able to write and post with the click of a button means that less research is carried out and content loses value.

This guide to the important lessons that digital marketers can learn from print media will explain why the old fashioned way still has a lot to offer.

Add a little personality

Most businesses continue to use professional printing services, in some capacity. They may need flyers, leaflets, posters, or brochures. All of these materials need to convey a sense of personality and character, or they’ll remain nothing but pieces of paper. It is the message and the way in which it is conveyed that persuades consumers. The same should apply to digital content because internet users are looking to be entertained as well as informed.

Research is important

Thirty years ago, the only way to write great content was to become an investigator. Marketers had to chase down sources, uncover interesting leads, and literally pursue a story. Now that all of this research can be done online, from the comfort of an office, the same process can be completed in half the time. However, this usually means that articles and blogs are less detailed. Good research is key to making sure that content is valuable to readers, so you should always be checking sources, verifying data, and trying to find new perspectives.

Become an authority

Nobody picks up a magazine and wonders if the articles inside it were written by experts. They assume so because print publications have high standards. The editors are stringent and the content is thoroughly checked and verified (usually, a number of times). You want your content, be it digital or otherwise, to generate the same assumption – that it was created by a reliable authority. This is why proofing, fact checking, and editing are so important. For content perfection, have finished pieces inspected by several people.

Strike the right aesthetic balance

It isn’t all about the words. Images are every bit as important as what you write. They should be used to enhance content and break it up into visually digestible pieces, if necessary. This is particularly important for longer online articles. If you are writing in-depth, detailed marketing pieces, think about switching things up and using an infographic design, for example. The reality is that users want their content perfectly packaged and easy to consume. Take a leaf from print media and spend time thinking about the images, colour schemes, and layouts.

Why the future of content always depends on the fast

To create engaging marketing content, with the power to drive traffic to your business, you need to get the foundation right. This means establishing a purpose, using credible sources, and entertaining your audience. The fundamental rules of print media still apply here, because accuracy and quality are as essential as they ever were. You need to offer value so that people will come to see your brand as a credible choice.

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    Marcus Miller

    November 21, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    I love the topic what you’ve chosen to write about. Being a long time lover of print media, i must say i find all these qualities in my favourite magazines. I prefer Forbes, Enterpreneur, and Men’s health. What do you like to read?

    [email protected] Enterprise Monkey

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