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5 Ways to stay healthy as a working woman


Your health is your wealth! Keeping your body and mind happy, healthy, and thriving should be at the top of your priority list. Far too often, women suffer from burn out and continue to press forward. Moreover, far too many women sacrifice their health for the sake of their career. Which really is a shame. Science shows that health is a huge component of success.

In the spirit of health and wealth, here are 5 ways to stay healthy on a business schedule.

Dedicate at least one day a week to not working.

Have you ever wondered why you feel more productive after a vacation? Surely you’ve recognized that after a vacation, you’re feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day may throw your way. You feel more prepared because you are. Proper rest and relaxation allow us to recoup our energy and return to our peace. If you’re waiting for a week of vacation all year instead of truly dedicated yourself to one day a week of self-care, you’re going to notice that year after year you’ll feel more exhausted than before.

Don’t skimp on sleep.

In a 2005 report from NSF, it was found that women are more likely to have difficulty falling asleep than men. This same foundation was also able to identify that the average woman is getting six or fewer hours of sleep a night. Furthermore, most of their hours weren’t truly restful.

To get the most from yourself every day, you need to get truly restful sleep. Stay away from technology a few hours before bedtime. Avoid sugary drinks that will keep you wired late into the night. You’ll find that the workdays you get the most done are the nights you got the most sleep.

Take a naturopathic approach to your health.

A naturopathic doctor takes a holistic approach to health and does their best to use natural remedies before jumping to medication. This form of medicine is based on the faith of the human body and its ability to restore health.

Take this approach into your daily health routine. Opt for the nutritional complete breakfast rather than the fastest. Remove toxins and harmful chemicals from your beauty routine. These small acts of self-care add up into the big picture of your overall health.

Maintain your social life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of ‘maybe next week’. As nearly every adult knows, career and family can make it hard to maintain your social life. But as true as that may be, you still need to do it.

Human interaction is powerful medicine. The more socialization you do with your friends and family, the better. Not only does socialization help keep your brain functioning as you age, but human interaction also is a need that all humans have. Failing to maintain your personal relationships may result in depression in isolation.

Stay active.

No, you don’t need to join a CrossFit team and spend every morning of your life in the gym. However, you do want to make sure that you keep your body active to keep your mind active. Taking the time to stretch or deskercise for a few minutes every few hours can make a world of difference for your body and mind. In fact, it can reduce your risk of cancer by reducing the amount of time you spend sitting down.


No matter how you slice it, improving your health is going to improve your life. Your career is part of that life and can only stand to benefit from healthy habits that make a better you. Instead of jumping into restrictive diets and workout regimes or neglecting your health altogether, form one consistent habit at a time. Your career will thank you.

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