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What to avoid with pop ups for your landing page


Since the explosion of websites, use of landing page pop ups have been debated.  Do most people just find them annoying?  Or are they a handy tool to improve conversion rates?  The debate goes on; however, the focus now is more about improving the user’s online experience.

A good digital marketing campaign should never just be about conversions or manipulating people, getting the right message across at the perfect time is invaluable.  To fully understand what to avoid with pops for your landing page and learn other valuable digital marketing skills, it’s a good idea to complete an online digital marketing course.

What are pop ups?

Landing page pop ups have been around for a long time and are quite tricky to master.  They come in all different shapes and sizes, but all have the same goals, which are to generate leads and turn site visitors into customers.  There are exit-intent pop ups, screen takeovers and leadboxes to name a few in the world of landing page pop ups.

While browsing a site, a window may suddenly appear which is called a pop up and usually contains a call to action and generally prompts a visitor to interact.  There is software available to block pop ups yet most people either don’t know about this software or the software isn’t effective.  Either way the last thing you want to do in executing your digital marketing strategy and improving your SEO is to irritate your website visitors with unwanted and irritating pop ups.  One of the many benefits of pop ups is that you are able to control when it appears on your site

Types of pop ups

There is a definite will by digital marketers to avoid the possible downfalls of having pop ups on your landing page and incorporating a variety or high quality pop ups certainly goes a long way in achieving their desired effect.

There are inspiring, crafty and clever pop ups designs and the trick is designing the right one for your landing page.

Here are few examples of pop ups:

  • Animated pop up – Visual stimulating pop ups are a great way to get your website visitor’s attention as the eyes are drawn to movement rather than static images.
  • Countdown pop up – Timing is everything, especially when used in this pop up. Stressing a limited time offer or countdown special can entice a click.
  • Value added pop up – Showing the value of your business has to be persuasive yet not forceful.
  • Exit offer pop up – Just as a person is about to exit a site, a pop up appears, this is a last effort to catch a visitor’s attention before they leave.
  • Coupon pop up – This is often used to grab the attention of first time site visitors to give them reason to redeem their coupon which encourages first time customers to try out your product or service.

Design eye-catching pop ups

Pop ups certainly don’t have to be annoying or off-putting for your site visitors, quite the opposite, if done right, pop ups can be quite entertaining and a handy draw card that welcomes your site visitor and may even get them to subscribe.  A well-designed pop up can work wonders for your digital marketing campaign.Always keep your user in mind when creating pop ups.  Avoid boring, over-selling and dreary pop ups at all costs. 

What to avoid

Depending on how you use pop ups on your landing page, they can help improve your conversion rate.  In order to do achieve this avoid the following pop ups mistakes:

  • Wrong timing – It’s all about the timing with pop ups. Designing your pop ups to appear to soon before your visitor has even had the chance to browse is not a good idea.
  • Full page pop ups – Never block your website visitors view of the content they were viewing. Pop ups are made to be a little reminder not a full page interruption.
  • Weak call to action – Pop ups cannot be effective if they have a weak call to action. They should include key points and say why visitors should take action.
  • Generic pop ups – Creating a pop up is no time to be lazy. Pop ups should always be designed to be in line with your branding and should provide a specific message.
  • Too many – Using too many pop ups on your site is bound annoy more people than it will convert, so always use pop ups sparingly to highlight your message.

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