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Digital marketing should be about people, not numbers


Most people are looking at digital marketing from the wrong angle. Businesses need to be thinking about people rather than the marketing channel used. “People must be at the heart of every digital marketing campaign,” says Binh, An Nguyen, CEO of Adelaide digital agency Market Ease. “In the real world, a person uses multiple devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. They are also using multiple platforms like Google and Facebook. So when the person is treated as the channel, rather than the website, platform or the device, this completely changes the way you do digital marketing.”

“Companies that treat digital marketing as just ‘traffic’ will think only in terms of numbers and volume, believing that increasing sales is simply about increasing traffic. This often also means increasing the costs. However, when you look at each website visitor as a person with real problems, challenges, aspirations and wants, you can tailor your messaging to that particular person, based on their frustrations and needs, regardless of the website they visit or the device they use.”

Market Ease client, Hyundai Motor Company Australia uses this concept to optimise their digital marketing campaigns. Depending on the car model people look at, advertising is tailored to that person and for that particular vehicle. The user is also taken on a journey from research through to enquiry, appointment, test-drive and ultimately the purchase. This approach resulted in the doubling of internet leads for Hyundai in the span of three months.

“Having a tailored approach for each group of users allows our advertising messages to be a lot more specific and relevant, which increases our bottom line,” says Glenn Forster, Sales Academy & Training Manager of Hyundai Motor Company Australia.

Nguyen’s advice is to focus on his 4 Ps of digital marketing:

People – Understanding exactly who you are selling to, their demographics and their psychographics.
Problem – Identifying the problems they are experiencing that you can solve.
Phase – Understanding what phase of the buying cycle they are in: attention, interest, desire, consideration, intention, evaluation or purchase.
Promise – How your solution promises to add significant value to the person.

“Understanding these four Ps will help you create targeted, relevant messages offering people guidance along their purchasing journey, and making their experience with your messages much more relevant, therefore, maximising your sales and conversions”, Nguyen says.

About Binh An Nguyen

Binh An Nguyen is the owner of Market Ease Business Promotions, a leading provider of digital advertising services to businesses located across Australia and around the world. To find out more about how to convert your visitors into buying customers, visit or call us on 1300 662 990.

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