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Four ways to improve your list of business contacts


When you’re trying to look for a job, it can seem like a very stressful and disheartening experience. You may start out with high hopes and assume you’ll find that perfect position quickly, and then if that doesn’t work out right away it can leave you feeling a bit defeated about the whole process. Obviously finding a job is based on your skills and experience and a great resume, but it’s also about who you know.

Business contacts can prove to be extremely useful as it can help you get the inside scoop on who’s hiring and what kind of skills they are looking for. If you feel like you’re lacking in the area of business contacts and you want to build up your list and solidify the contacts you already have, then you’re going to want to read on. Here are four ways you can work to improve your list of business contacts, which can help get you a whole lot closer to that dream job.

Work for a temp agency

One of the best ways to make contacts is on the job, but if you’re only focused on finding that “perfect job” then you’re not going to be making many contacts. Some people find that working for a temp agency, even just in the short-term can really help to build their list of business contacts. You’ll have the ability to work in different companies, in different industries, and based on your experience and skills, perhaps in different jobs.

What this means is that you can work to create contacts at each company, building your list in a very effective and quick manner. As for what staffing agency to work for, the best option would be to find an agency that operates in an area that is close to you, that you can easily get in contact with. Staff Heroes, for example, are a great example of just this kind of agency based in London, as they enable staff to search for a position that they are qualified for on, that fits within their available hours. You can find immediate start short-term, part-time, and temporary jobs through them.

Attend industry events

Another tip is to start making a habit of attending industry events. This can include such things as trade shows, conferences, exhibits, seminars, and training sessions. You’ll get a chance to learn about the latest trends in your chosen industry while meeting lots of new faces. Just make sure you go prepared with plenty of business cards to hand out. This will help to make you look much more organized and professional.

These types of events are known for their networking opportunities so it’s also a less intimidating atmosphere to go up and introduce yourself to strangers.

Get acquainted with social media

Social media can prove to be one of the most useful tools when it comes to improving your list of business contacts. Networks such as LinkedIn and even Facebook give you a chance to meet new people in a way that is unobtrusive and doesn’t come off as pushy or annoying.

Make a connection by pointing out what you have that can benefit them

Another tip is to focus on how you can make a connection with someone offering them something that will be of benefit to them. If you’re able to offer them something that they are interested in, then that connection becomes a lot easier. In terms of job hunting, you can discuss skills or experience that you have that would help them and their company out.

Keep at it and stay positive

Improving your list of business contacts isn’t something that can usually happen overnight. It takes time, dedication, and plenty of effort on your part which is why you need to keep your goal in mind and stay positive.

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