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Which restaurant trend is worth following for business success?


Lots of people think that opening a restaurant is easy — you just need to take over an existing one and do it up in a style that you prefer. You will already have a team of chefs and waiters in place, so you can quickly start managing your new business and watch the profits pile up. Right? Well, not really…

As with any industry, the restaurant industry is constantly dominated by trends, which are largely defined by what diners want. Every year sees a new cuisine grow in popularity while others are quietly forgotten. So, if you are interested in opening your own restaurant, it is important that you are aware of the current top trends so that you can incorporate some into your eatery.

Here are some that will continue to be a big deal as we move slowly towards 2018.


Ok, so pasta has been around for centuries – you might not think that this is such a new trend or craze. But we’re not just talking about any old pasta here; it’s all about fresh home-cooked pasta that has been given a deluxe, five-star makeover. Many restaurants are now taking the time to create their very own pasta to ensure it really stands out in any dish. If you were thinking of opening an Italian restaurant, you now need to take extra special note of the type of pasta your chefs use!


Coffee’s popularity seems to be growing year after year, and many entrepreneurs who move into the world of caffeinated beverages find that this is a good sector to invest in. And now that there are firms such as Kickstart My Coffee that help entrepreneurs get into the coffee world, setting up in this sector has never been easier. The startup money needed doesn’t have to be huge either as you can simply start off small in a small roadside coffee cart. Eventually, you’ll be able to open your very own coffee shop! 


International cuisines have always been a big hit with diners, but in recent years the public has been interested in hyper-local cuisines. So, rather than serving just Indian, a restaurant might specialize in foods from the south of India. Likewise, rather than simply serving Chinese, eateries now seem to focus on a certain Chinese city’s cuisine. If you want to focus on Mexican, it’s a good idea to hone your skills in just one of the country’s popular dishes. And tacos are proving to be a huge hit right now!

Sea vegetables

The trend for healthy eating is also growing at an enormous rate. People are always on the lookout for the next big superfood, and the current craze is for sea vegetables which are widely regarded as extremely healthy vegetables. So, if you add on veg like samphire and seaweed to your menu, you will surely attract crowds of diners!

This is just a small selection of the latest dining trends – which one do you think you will you go with?

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