How to thank your employees with an event they’ll remember


No matter how big or small your business is, your employees are the people that help you to get it running successfully. If you’re lucky enough to have a great team around you, you might want to consider showing them your appreciation by throwing an event, where everyone can let their hair down and have a nice time. The following are some tips and ideas to think about if your company is due a get-together outside of the office.

A suitable venue

Try and think where all your members of staff would enjoy going; it’s worth considering the mix of ages in your team and choosing a venue where everyone will feel comfortable. Places like nightclubs and bars can be a risk, as not everyone will feel at ease; however, nobody knows your employees better than you do, so you’ll be able to make a smart decision. If you feel you need a little inspiration on the kind of event space to hire, take a look here: Depending on how big your company is will also affect the size of the venue. Hotels often have large conference or meeting spaces, which are easy to hire, and you’ll have the hotel’s bar and restaurant to utilise so that everyone is fed and watered.

A larger space, that you’ve hired and have full use of will also allow you to arrange some entertainment, in the form of a DJ or a live band. Don’t make the music the sole focus of the event as you’ll want team members to feel that they can enjoy the food, drinks, and company, and leave afterwards, at a time that best suits them; it’s their night after all. Whether you book out a private dining room at a restaurant or a large function space in a public building; you’ll want to ensure that there’s a space, or stage, where the entertainment and any speeches can take place.

The rewards

Alongside the food and entertainment, your employees will appreciate it if you address them on a personal level. A formal, or informal, awards ceremony is the perfect way to show individual members of staff, or specific departments, that you recognise and are thankful for what they do and what they’ve achieved. You can award the team with prizes, tongue-in-cheek certificates, make a trophy to be presented at the end of the night. Again, it’s about finding what’s best suited to your staff, and understanding what they’ll appreciate.

Try and get some information for specific reward and prize ideas, from the heads of certain departments, and encourage them to praise their team members by presenting them with each award. Alongside medals and trophies, you could present vouchers, tickets, and bottles of champagne to your deserving employees; it’ll be an exciting and memorable focus to the night, and everyone will get a boost before returning to the office on Monday morning.

Whatever you decide to organise to say thank you to your team, keep them in mind at every stage of the process; that way you’ll ensure they have a great time and you’ll get boss brownie points as well.

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